Social Media

Join us on our social feeds to learn what's new with Terracoin.


Find out more about what Terracoin is, what makes us different, and where we are going as a Crypto Technology.


Join in on the conversation, this is where you can make a difference in the direction of TRC and your community.

Technical Resources

Donation Servers

Donation Masternodes - Terracoin Foundation charity masternodes that will be used to donate to non-profits once Terracoin gets to $1 USD for a month. Each month a non-profit will be chosen by the community and half of the net profit will be donated to the non-profit.


Explorer - Terracoin Block Explorer that allows looking up by address and transaction.


KIVA - We have a team on Kiva which individuals can join and make microloans to people around the world. Feel free to join and show the world that Terracoin can help!


Masternode Info - Shows a breakdown of expected profits from a masternode and can show your exact amount and if the masternode is enabled or not.


Services - Here you can put view the decentralized governance calendar, view current proposals, and put in discoveries of new proposals.

White Paper

White Paper - A living document which explains the history and specifications of Terracoin and The Terracoin Foundation.


Wiki - Find more information about Terracoin on our Wiki.

Paper Wallet

Paper Wallet - Print and give people Terracoin.


Setup Script - The EASY Button of setting up your masternode with video instructions, made by community member u3mur4.

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