Terracoin Resources

Donation masternodes – Terracoin Foundation charity masternodes that will be used to donate to non-profits once Terracoin gets to $1 USD for a month. Each month a non-profit will be chosen by the community and half of the net profit will be donated to the non-profit.
explorer.terracoin.io – Terracoin Block Explorer that allows looking up by address and transaction.
KIVA - We have a team on Kiva which individuals can join and make microloans to people around the world. Feel free to join and show the world that Terracoin can help!
masternode.terracoin.io – Shows a breakdown of expected profits from a masternode and can show your exact amount and if the masternode is enabled or not.
proposals.terracoin.io - Here you can put view the decentralized governance calendar, view current proposals, put in discoveries of new proposals, and chat in the trollbox.
White Papers - A living document which explains the history and specifications of Terracoin and The Terracoin Foundation.
wiki.terracoin.io – Find more information about Terracoin on our Wiki.
YouTube - For videos about Terracoin.
Paper Wallet - Print and give people Terracoin.
U3mur4's MN setup script and guide - The EASY Button of setting up your masternode with video instructions

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